The Vetas Project

Overview and location
The Vetas Project consists of one mining title and one mining concession application.  The project is located 50 km north of the town of Tibu, Norte de Santander in northeast Colombia, 5 km south of La Gabarra village and approximately 20 km from the Venezuelan border.

The project area lies in the North Catatumbo area, in the eastern foothills of the Eastern Andean Cordillera within the Perijá Mountain Range, comprising hills and valleys transected by the Catatumbo, Río de Oro and Eusebio rivers. 

The elevation in the project area ranges between 50 – 350 m above sea level. The city of Cucuta is approximately 170 km to the south of the deposit and the Colombian ports near Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast are about 600 km to the northwest of the project area. 

The Vetas Project can be accessed by a road connecting the town of Tibú and La Gabarra village (50 km); from Tibu to the west a minor road (Convencion-El Tarra) of approximately 200 km winds through the Eastern Cordillera to the Magdalena River Valley where a main national road and the rail line (La Dorada – Chiriguana) connects to the Caribbean ports.

The Santa Rosa Project

Overview and Location 

The Santa Rosa Project is comprised of 3 mining licence applications located in the foothills of the Serranía de San Lucas, Municipality of Santa Rosa Sur, Department of Bolivár in northern Colombia. The town of Santa Rosa del Sur lies approximately 315 km to the south-southeast of the department’s capital, Cartagena, and is the largest regional centre to the mining concessions.